Silk screen printing machine types

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Screen printing and printing machine varieties according to the format, the nature of the ink, and the type of substrates is divided into a lot of kinds, 
but in the way of printing can be divided into the following several.Flat screen print screen printing: flat screen flat screen printing machine is to use 
graphic way of printing, silk screen version on planar substrates, printing, plate fixation, scraping version of the mobile.

2. The flat screen surface screen printing, screen printing flat screen surface is flat screen plate in curved substrates (e.g., ball, cylinder, cylinder, etc.) on
     the method of printing. Fixed when printing, scraping board, plate along the horizontal direction, substrates with plate rotation.

3. The cylinder screen printing: cylinder cylinder screen printing is silk screen version, cylinder fitted with fixed scraping board, drum plate and substrates 
    for synchronization line speed mobile printing method.
Silk screen printing machine

4. Indirect silk screen printing: in front of the three methods are directly by the plate printing on substrates, but only some of the rules of geometric, such as 
    plane, cylinder, cone surface, for complex shape, deformed objects, such as edges and concave surface must use indirect silk 
screen printing method to print, the process often consists of two parts: flat screen printing and transfer printing, the screen printing image is printed directly 
on the substrates, and jump on the flat material, then use a certain method of transfer printing on substrates. Indirect printing
as one of the methods, with flat screen printing method first printed image on the flat glass, with a flexible silicone head, like a sealed ink image from the glass, 
then pad printing to the special-shaped surface: indirect screen printing another kind of method is wire transfer printing, such as: 
silk screen printing, hot stamping, silk screen printing color paper and paper flowers pressure-sensitive transfer printing, silk screen printing color paper + solvent 
activation transfer printing. Indirect screen printing has become a main area of the printing industry.