Silk screen printing machine main characteristics

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Silk screen printing machine belongs to the hole more representative printing equipment in the printing, the plate is a woven of silk and other material freely 
crisscross, the count of clear screen. Has produced a plane, surface, forming, printing, dyeing, printing circuit and new type of rotary screen printing machine. 
Among them, the new type of rotary screen printing machine speed and the characteristics of the productivity is high it is the screen installed in the roller, ink 
pouring in the drum. Machine work roller rotation and rubber scraping knife design fast printing on print.

Can also be made of silk screen materials besides silk, nylon, copper wire, steel wire or stainless steel wire, etc. Silk screen printing machine application of hole 
printing principle originated in ancient stencil printing. Hole printing has hectograph, hollow out version of the spray and silk screen printing, and other forms.

Screen printing first USES the manual operation, only a version of the frame, a piece of silk screen version and a template. In the 50 s screen printing to realize 
mechanization and automation. Rotary screen printing machine printing inking amount more, suitable for printing ink layer thick print, can be in all kinds of paper, 
glass, wood, metal, ceramic, plastic or cloth printing, available to a variety of printing ink, including gold properties of the conductive ink.