BOSHENG latest research and development of non-woven silk screen printing machine

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Machine Features

The automatic screen printing machine is designed for the demand of automatic printing for rool film,with its advantage of lower labor and production cost.
This machine is easy to operate with elegant appearance,a new printing solution popular for market.Suitable for reel printing of non-woven fabric,
wallpaper standard codde,medical bag,leather,solar.

◆ The machine combinations: automatic roll screen printing machine + feeding + hot air oven + automatic winding cutting;
◆ Use of silkscreen printing full color (monochrome printing thickness is 70-80g/m2)  vivid, three-dimensional sense of strong, and other effects; suitable for high
     -grade non-woven products in the printing needs.
◆ Printing position accurate, stable, and cutting machine, cutting machine and supporting the use of non-woven bag making machine, greatly improving
     production efficiency;
◆ Theoretically, Bo Sheng series semi-automatic screen printing presses can be used for non-woven fabrics, suitable for medium-speed printing requirements
     of customers..

Machine Performance

1.The automatic mode of production: feeding, printing, drying, receiving, saving the cost of labor and production management, to overcome the difficulties
    bound by weather conditions, greatly improved work efficiency and production environments.
2.The machine adopts imported brands of components and full computer control and PLC systems to ensure that the machine is running smooth, easy operation.
3.The upper and lower feeding method: using pneumatic automatic loading and unloading, reducing manual handling labor expenses.
4.Both the material and rewinding automatic correction system control unit.
5.The printing pressure: pneumatic pressure regulator, pressure equalization.
6.Large format printing size can simultaneously print multiple patterns, you can  use a variety of sizes to use screen frame plates.
7.Full printing pattern before and after the effective minimum clearance of up  to lcm, effectively reduce the material loss.