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    机器特性 Machine Features

    1. 主要用于纸品、PVC片、吊牌、贺卡、挂历、福字、烟、酒包装等七彩工艺。
    2. 进口铁氟龙网带,无噪音、抗静电、耐高温、耐磨损、输送平稳。 
    3. 独创的喷粉系统使彩粉能均匀、平整的附着在印刷品上。 
    4. 设有彩粉回收系统,多余的彩粉经干燥前由滚筒轻压,使之平衡均匀。 
    5. 撒粉-滚筒轻压-回收-干燥,高效节能彻底解决了人工撒粉不均匀、效率低,彩粉满 天飞的浪费问题。5、操作简便,不需专业技术即可操作。

    1. Mainly used for paper, PVC film, tag, greeting cards, calendars, Fu word, tobacco, alcohol and other colorful packaging process.
    2. Imported Teflon mesh belt, no noise, antistatic, high temperature, wear-resistant, smooth transportation.
    3. The original color powder spray system enables evenly, flat attached to the printed matter.
    4. With color powder recovery system, excess powder was dried before color light pressure from the drum, to balance evenly.
    5. Dusting - drum light pressure - recycling - drying, energy efficient,  completely  solve the artificial dusting uneven, low efficiency, color powder flying waste. 5, 
        easy to operate, without technical expertise to operate.
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