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Local UV screen printing production line

    Local UV screen printing production line


    This machine is designed for semi-automatic screen printing machine and ultraviolet (UV)/infrared drying production line series equipment based on increasing manipulator system, automatic paper local UV screen printing drying to form a set of automated production line, in order to reduce labor cost.

    This machine is a economic and practical, has the perfect shape and smooth appearance, convenient and flexible operation system and high-speed printing and reasonable price advantage the products are widely used in clothing tag, CARDS, gift boxes, alcohol and tobacco boxes, desk calendar, calendars, books and periodicals local UV glazing, refraction, grinding, surface wrinkles, freezing point (snow), etc. Various kinds of UV technology.

    The machine production line placement length: 7200 mm * 1800 mm

    Single weight:

    1, silk screen printing machine, BS - 6090 bt type machine packaging weighs about 680 kg

    2, automatic bridge manipulator BS - ZZ800 packing weight about 260 kg

    3, uv light solid machine BS - UV800 packing weight about 710 kg