Products Details

Oblique arm microcontroller computer screen printing machine

    Machine type: BS - 4060 - b
    Printing platform size 600 mm * 700 mm
    The net size 720 mm * 820 mm
    Minimum screen size 450 mm * 550 mm
    The biggest printing size: 400 mm * 600 mm
    Substrates 0.1 30 mm thickness
    The biggest printing speed: 24 times/min
    The pressure of work: / par 5-8
    Power supply: 380 v / 50 hz
    Total power 2.25 kw
    Machine weight: 380 kg
    Shape size 1480 * 780 * 1250 mm
    Brief introduction:

    This machine is a economic and practical, has the perfect shape and appearance, convenient and flexible operation system and the advantage of high speed smooth printing and reasonable price; Hard goods, plastic products are widely used in leather, membrane switch, stickers, craft porcelain with color paper, ink, watermark, anti-counterfeiting printing and scratch CARDS, CARDS, gift boxes, wine boxes, desk calendar, calendars, books and periodicals on the surface of local UV, ice, wrinkles, refraction, grinding, etc. Printing.

    Performance is introduced:
    1, this machine is double frequency conversion control (swing arm and printing) motor, synchronous belt transmission speed, stable operation.
    2, multi-function LCD display computer version to control the machine operating system, powerful, simple operation and convenient.
    3, the machine can establish two-way function, more will be back to ink knife with scraper, become can shave before and after printing.
    Version 4, printed after the big arm and the fission net frame clamping device, screen can be independent swing, convenient localization of the edition printing quality manual.
    5, flexible printing platform comprehensive regulation, the net from the version is more simple, convenient and accurate.

    Other parameters:
    Operation mode choice: automatic/semi-automatic/manual
    Printing way: panel button/foot
    Drive down: electric/variable frequency control
    Printing drive mode: electric/variable frequency control
    Printing pressure by: pneumatic
    Suction fan is used: the vacuum generator
    Screen lock mode: manual lock